Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Contractors Covering Luton, Milton Keynes and Surrounding Areas

Situated in Luton, MCS are one of the UK’s leading window cleaning contractors, providing expert cleaning services to clients throughout Milton Keynes and surrounding areas of Bedfordshire.

Once you’ve seen Reach and Wash in action you’ll wonder why anyone considered cleaning windows on a commercial basis any other way! MCS have pioneered this form of ladderless cleaning for almost a decade on the basis that is safer, less intrusive, more environmentally friendly and most of all in today’s economic climate, more cost-effective than traditional methods.

Reach & Wash System
How does it work?
Using fibre glass telescopic poles and purpose designed brushes we can deliver pure, de-ionised HOT water to heights up to 65ft and improve cleaning rates by up to 40%.
Reach & Wash System
Time you update your window cleaning contract?
We’ll spare you the technicalities of the chemistry involved except to say that the technique leaves no detergent residues, consumes algae and dirt and leaves a streak-free finish.Ladders, squeegees, damage to lawns and flower beds are all things of the past… we simply reach over obstacles using the carbon fibre extending poles and use the benefits of hydro power technology to provide the most efficient window cleaning available today – don’t accept anything less!
Reach & Wash Brush
- Environmentally friendly 100% pure de-ionised water effectively absorbs dirt to clean windows, frames, cladding & signs without the need for chemicals or detergents.- Saves on expensive equipment hire charges and eliminates the need for heavy access equipment.

- Easily reaches windows above sensitive ground areas such as lawns & flower beds without causing damage.

- Reduced disturbance to building occupants.

- Health and safety legislation does not hamper its use in any way.

Free trial demonstration
MCS Contract Cleaning are offering a FREE trial demonstration of our ‘Reach and Wash’ system to clients throughout Luton, Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire and the UK. Simply contact us on 01525 211020 to arrange your FREE demonstration, or discuss any of other cleaning services!

Reach & Wash System