Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning Services in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire UK

We are able to offer a flexible approach to the cleaning of your offices from full time cleaners through to one or two cleaners coming in once a week. This approach enables us to ensure you get the level of service you require and it can fit your budget.
Office Cleaning Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, UK
With the same thoroughness and high professional standards we cover virtually all factory and office cleaning contract requirements, in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas, tailoring each to individual customer requirements.Our staff are fully vetted and supervised to ensure the required level of competence. We realise our reputation depends on the day to day satisfaction level created by even the most junior members of our team.
Quality of service is very important to us we therefore always work to a specification so you and we can ensure the work required has been done. If you do not currently have a specification, we will help you develop one. Communication is the key to successful office cleaning. We therefore have regular meetings to ensure you are happy with our work. We also carry scheduled and unscheduled audits and operate in the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire region of the UK.
Office Cleaning Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, UK
Day to day communication with the cleaning supervisor can be via a site book or email if you prefer.Seeking a solution to all your cleaning needs
As you would expect from a company with over 15 years experience in the contract business we are Local Authority approved and carry all necessary insurances, health, safety and performance assurances.We will be pleased to provide a quotation for your specific requirements. Please call 01525 211020 for more information.